I-Gaming Law


Having been one of the first law firms actively involved in the provision of legal services to companies in the gaming and betting industry, GTG Advocates still boasts one of the most dedicated teams in this area.  It has assisted a number of clients in getting remote gaming licenses in Malta and abroad and provides ongoing support on any aspect relating to the operation of the licence holder.  Working closely with the corporate team, the firm has throughout the past years been involved in a number of high profile M&A transactions in this industry.

Furthermore, our expertise in other areas which are relevant to gaming businesses, such as corporate, technology, social media, e-commerce, broadcasting, hosting and colocation, payments, ISPs, advertising, sponsorship and data protection, enables us to provide added value to any deal in which our clients participate.

On the basis of our experience we are able to:

  1. Offer advice on the optimal jurisdiction for a client from a regulatory perspective.
  2. Assist the client in establishing a new company, obtain a gaming license in Malta or in another EU member state, and provide the necessary assistance through a one-stop-shop service.
  3. Offer advice on all aspects of business including media and data rights agreements.
  4. Advise a number of local license holders on regulatory obligations.
  5. Provide a full range of commercial and regulatory, corporate and dispute resolution services.